New Events Registration Procedure

In a bid to facilitate the organisation of events and advertise the sport to as wide an audience as possible, ParaVolley Europe has reviewed the way tournaments should be registered.

The aim is to have a full list of ParaVolley events happening in all the disciplines in order to provide better support from an advertising and awareness point of view as well as hopefully increase the development of the sports.

27496076824_0c7f701731_zShould you wish to organise a sitting volleyball/beach sitting volleyball/standing volleyball/beach standing volleyball event, please check the following document:

Event Registration Regulations

and fill in the form below:

Registration form


Once you have done so, please send the form to for confirmation of registration/approval.

This is relevant for any ParaVolley disciplines events which are not official PVE events (i.e. Sub-zone, European Championship).

In case of any questions, please send a mail to:


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