Results from the Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix in Wroclaw (POL) – 8/9 October 2016

Over the weekend, six men sitting volleyball teams (three of which national teams from Poland, Georgia  and Italy and three Polish clubs) took part in the GRAND PRIX WROCLAW tournament which was organised by Start Wroclaw.
The first half of the competition saw the teams being split in two groups and playing each other once. The top two teams from each group then played each other in cross semi-finals as follows:

  • First semi-final: POL – GEO  – won by POL 2:0
  • Second semi-final: Start Wroclaw – ITA – won by Start Wroclaw 2:0

The other results were as follows:

  • Match 5-6 place Legnica – ECEiD school club – won by Legnica 2:1
  • Match 3-4 place GEO – ITA  – wond by GEO 3:2 (18:25, 25:20, 22:25, 25:20, 15:7)

The final was between Start Wroclaw and POL.

It was a very tight game as reflected in the score which was won by the host Start Wroclaw 3 sets to 2 (25:22, 25:18, 23:25, 22:25,15:11)


Awards were handed out to the team’s best players:

  • ITA – Massimo Barossi
  • GEO – David Davlashelidze
  • POL – Marcin Musielak
  • Start Wroclaw – Machowski Michal
  • Legnica – Zbigniew Delmaczynski
  • ECEiD school club – Marta Gorka

Poland and Italy had the opportunity to play a demo match in the Integration School. At the end of the game, the teams were mixed with players from the school which made the experience even more enjoyable for them and the public.
After the tournament, Poland and Georgia made the most of their time there and played training games. After a very full competition weekend, Italy and Georgia went on a tour of the old town in Wroclaw to end the weekend in a cultural note!

The tournament was a very important in terms of giving the national team additional preparation in view of the European Championship which will take place end 2017, location still to be decided.

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