A short report from Dariusz Jasiński – Georgia & Sitting Volleyball

“Georgia is a new ParaVolley country and I wanted to share with you my experience during the international competition which took place between 30th April and 3rd May 2017 in my position as Team Manager of the club of Wroclav which represented Poland.

Georgia National Para Volleyball Federation organised their first-ever international tournament in sitting volleyball in their capital city Tbilisi. They told me that it was also the first time in history there was an international para team sport tournament in this country.  It was a very important event for their Ministry of Sport, Mayor of Town and NPC. Some very important persons from these institutions visited the competition during the Closing Ceremony and gave speeches.

Georgia National Para Volleyball Federation had planned to play against POL, LAT and AZE – all teams from Europe. However a few days before tournament they found out that AZE couldn’t come and that they would be replaced by a club team Aktau which represented KAZ.

The competition took place in the Paralimpic House. It is a new building
where they have a sport hall, small halls for other parasports and  the
offices of the Georgian National Paralimpic Committee. It is very good place
for para sports.The Georgian Para Volleyball Federation are located in
another place.

The main referee of the competition was Eldar Zulfugarov from AZE and myself during most of the matches. The second referee was Leftorov from GEO.

The two national team coaches attended the Level 1 Coaching Course in Luxemburg last year. It was good practice for them to organise the tournament. Both of them work also at Georgian National Federation and are primarily responsible for paravolley there.

There is currently only one team in Georgia but they are planning to create a new one outside the capital city.

All people involved are doing their best to develop the sport with the means they have and they will be sending their national team to their first international competition in November.  I wish them loads of luck and hope their efforts pay off”


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