New Drawing of Pools to take place for the men’s competition

Unfortunately, due to the withdrawal of Azerbaijan Men’s team, changes need to be made to fill the non-seeded places.
The updated Men Competition format will be as below:
Four preliminary pools play round robin.

  • Pool A = Seeded 1 – 8 – and 1 team by draw.
  • Pool B = Seeded 2 – 7 – and 2 teams by draw.
  • Pool C = Seeded 3 – 6 – and 1 teams by draw.
  • Pool D = Seeded 4 – 5 – and 1 team by draw.
  • Seeds 2-8 filled from PVE Rankings as at 1st July 2017

The Pool Winners advance to Quarter-Finals
2nd place teams are drawn into QF, but not against the same pool (1A cannot play 2A)
9-13 playoff in a single pool with the 3B v 4B match result carried over.

The lop-sided arrangement is necessary because of the seedings according to rankings.
The ranked, but unseeded, teams already drawn into the x3 places will remain as drawn. A1-A3, B1-B3 and C1-C3 are unaffected.

Turkey or Georgia (no PVE Ranking) need now to fill the remaining level 3 place : D3.

Turkey and Georgia will be drawn, one team will become D3, and the remaining team will become B4.

The drawing of pools will be filmed and footage will be available soon.

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