Logo Presentation European Sitting Volleyball Championships – Men & Women – 2019 Budapest

With 150 days to the first whistle, the Hungarian Volleyball Federation is proud to present the logo of the upcoming European Sitting Volleyball Championships – Men and Women. The event will take place between the 15th and 20th July 2019 in Budapest, Hungary and is organised by the Hungarian Volleyball Federation under the umbrella of ParaVolley Europe.

The logo was designed by the event creative director Janos Majchrovics. The artist has great experience in image building of this kind of event, as he has worked on numerous sport events similar as this one in Hungary.

 „ As a first idea we were thinking about a very modern and stylized logo, but during the development of the concept, we decided to have a simplified style, so that it contains represents a 100% the specific movement of the sport.

The coloured arc represents the dynamism and the energy involved in playing the sport and  contains the Hungarian National colours.  We hope that our logo will raise awareness and that it will symbolize this precious event in the manner it deserves. 

We are really proud that Budapest, the 2019 European Sport Capital, will be organizing this event and can hardly wait to see all the sportsmen and fans here!”


For additional information regarding the event, please contact the following people:

Hungarian Paralympic Committee  – Zita Szabó – zita.szabo11@gmail.com
ParaVolley Europe Communications Director – Isabelle Collot – communications@paravolley.eu

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