Players elaborate on classification rules in Athletes’ Commission Meeting

Budapest, Hungary, 18 July 2019 – Players competing at the 2019 Sitting Volleyball European Championships elaborated on ways to improve the Classification system going ahead at an open meeting of the ParaVolley Europe Athletes’ Commission Wednesday night here in the Hungarian capital.

Croatia’s Ivan Cosic, Russia’s Tatiana Ivanova and Slovenia’s Jana Ferjan of the Athletes’ Commission discussed proposals with players representing all teams in the European Championships who had been invited to attend.

The players agreed that a more transparent classification system is necessary for future competitions and that any new rules and regulations should be made known to the teams at least two months in advance of their implementation, including videos of correct and incorrect plays.

More specifically, concerning classification, players proposed a change of rules, to allow two VS2 on the court – including the certain maximum points from the classification by an individual player of VS2 class.

Furthermore, overall goals for the future should be for classification to be done and confirmed at least two months before main events.

Then it was decided appoint three more players as soon as possible to fill up the remaining positions in the PVE Athletes’ Commission.

The Athletes’ Commission has been collecting data and information from the team representative in order to enable the creation of a network for voting on all the important matters that were discussed during the meeting.

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