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This technical handbook was developed by Toralv Thorkildsen from 2000 to 2005 and revised in 2006.  During this period the various parts of the handbook were used in the running of various European events, such as European Championships and Euro Cup.  Most of the documents are tested and the contents have been modified after a lot of recommendations.

The handbook is made for ParaVolley Europe and people working on behalf of ParaVolley Europein order to have guidelines on working with international Championships.  We have also added some World ParaVolley rules and regulations.

The handbook has 5 main chapters.

Three chapters are a guideline for people working with preparations for and carrying out Euro Cup, Continental Cup or European Championships.  Each chapter is divided into main sections, Each of which is further divided into detailed sections.  The detailed sections are individual documents.  These documents may be downloaded to and saved on your computer and then opened in their respective programs for modification for each specific event.

One chapter contains official documents and rules issued by World ParaVolley or ParaVolley Europe.

One chapter contains documents for making an official bid for organising a Championship and for registration of an international event.

If you have any ideas for improving the content of this book, or if you have an idea to expand the book with new content, please send the details to ParaVolley Europe Sport Department.

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