Portugal celebrate 1st ParaVolley meeting on historic day for the sport

Portugal Day, officially Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities, is Portugal’s National Day celebrated annually on 10 June. This year the national holiday coincided with a historic day for the country’s Volleyball family, since the first ever nationwide ParaVolei meeting was organised at Lousada Sports Complex. 

13394135_1234601683217211_5905473092072416445_nThe first event of this kind sparked excitement and thrill among hundreds of youngsters and leading figures of the country’s sports family. The organisation and t
he delivery of this meeting was supported by the Portuguese Volleyball Federation President, Mr Vicente Araújo, Beach Volleyball player Juliana Antunes Rosas and the former libero of the Portuguese men’s national team, Carlos Teixeira. They all believed this was going to be “an historic day for the national sports community.”
The teams of Castêlo da Maia Ginásio Clube and Associação Portuguesa de Deficientes – Delegação de Braga (Portuguese Disabled Association) took centre stage and the audience enjoyed the performance displayed by their respective players, whose development – especially in such short time since taking up the sport – is really remarkable.

13417491_1234601693217210_3505740934336614503_nThe 1st ParaVolei meeting, which was organised by the Paravolei Department of the Portuguese Volleyball Federation, was included in a Mini-Volleyball Day that gathered as many as 1,400 young athletes at Lousada Sports Complex. This accounts for a true symbiosis between Volleyball and Para Volleyball which sends out a strong message of social inclusion while celebrating Volleyball as a “sports of all for all” and pursuing the European Union directive on “Sport, Health and Participation”.

Paravolei includes Sitting Volleyball and Involei which are open to players with physical and intellectual disabilities, respectively.

For further details, please check out http://www.fpvoleibol.pt/paravolei/

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